Vanity Theft

Vanity Theft

Vanity Theft

Forget What You Came For


These days, what styles pass for indie rock is expanding like an ozone hole; a few years ago I would have classed this band as recording in that always popular clubby breakbeat sound, stirred by a competent remix stick. For example “Rattle, Rattle” catches your ear on all three remixes in this collection. You’ll find the “Houses” version the most clattery, The “Jesse Christenson” version feels just like a very Lady Gaga dance number while the “Tiny Bill Remix” leans into the Drum ‘n Bass world. All are charming; I just recommend not spinning all three in a row. Head for “Limb From Limb,” it offers a rather erotic dance beat and some hot semi-scary lyrics if you’re looking for a little feminine rough trade. The cut most likely to hang around for a repeat listen is “Where’s The Action.” With its feet firmly planted in clubland, Alicia Grodecki’s vocals are in the Chrissie Hynde camp of unique Ohio vocalists. Backing her we find Elyse Driskill on drums, Brittany Hill on backing vocals and guitar, with Lalaine Paras tending the bass. While I like these gals and their supermodel look and solid writing skills, it’s the last line of the press kit that seals the deal: “We may have vaginas, but we’re not pussies.” Now THAT line takes balls to say.

Vanity Theft:

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