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William Elliott Whitmore

William Elliott Whitmore

Field Songs

Anti Records

William Whitmore sounds a lot older than he is. Then again, armed with just a banjo and a guitar, he may well be Woody or Pete reincarnated. His songs are tales of struggle, of honest labor and dishonest government. The music is simple, but never plain, stirring without being strident, and as forceful as good folk music can be.

Folk music is just that – music of folks. Hailing from Iowa, Whitmore grew up in farm country, and it’s this bedrock America he chronicles. The people of the fields, the Mississippi river, the images he captures are that of a changing land – “Everything Gets Gone” – that once gone, will only live in songs such as these and fading photographs.

Whitmore has taken his music on the road with the likes of Chris Cornell, and shows that one man with a banjo sometimes is louder than a wall of amps. Just ask Pete Seeger – or spin Field Songs.

William Elliott Whitmore:

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