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Gigamesh EP

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Dance music with just the right amount of electro-pop icing on top. That’s what Gigamesh delivers with his debut four-track EP. Sounds range from quirky, 1980s disco-club-synth, to slightly haunting soundscapes fraught with spacy effects. If you happen to be a fan of VHS Or Beta (like myself), consider checking Gigamesh out.

Until now, Gigamesh has been better known as a producer and remixer for other artists (perhaps most notably, he was hired to remix Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me” in 2009). However, this debut EP shows that Gigamesh can stand on his own two feet when it comes to creating catchy music.

“When You’re Dancing (feat. Induce)” sounds quintessentially retro, with modulated, synthesized rhythms, and lyrics that implore you to keep dancing. “Red Light (feat. Amanda Love)” slows the mood down but still parallels this retro feel very closely. Gigamesh throws in a sprinkle of modern touches to keep listeners guessing but doesn’t impose upon the music itself. “It’s So Intense” may be my favorite track of the four. It features heavy sampling from YouTube sensation, Paul Vasquez (aka “The Double Rainbow Guy”). It’s a little bizarre, but Gigamesh somehow makes it work. “It’s So Intense” is a psychedelic odyssey that sounds something like how an orgasm might feel on magic mushrooms. “People (feat. Nicole Godiva)” is a blend of heavy modulated syncopation and the ethereal vocals of Nicole Godiva.

Whether you’re a fan of electronic/trance/dance music, or just need a soundtrack for your irreverent Sunday night coke-binge, the latest EP from Gigamesh gets my bona fide seal of approval.

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