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Radio Slave

Radio Slave



Pop on Radio Slave (aka Matt Edwards), and you are in the heart of the 1990s dance aesthetic. You could never start a set with Radio Slave and you could never turn up the lights right after Radio Slave, but it’s always where you’re ready to hit that peak moment during your set. We start with basics, then build. The beat is static and throbbing like a migraine, the breaks are sparsely doctored and sampled, the whole sound is X’d out but joyous in a way you can never verbalize.

Radio Slave – you feel THE groove, you feel THEIR groove, you feel ALL grooves. You are one with the world and the club and yourself and the strobes. Now, any DJ worth his coke can put you here or lead you there, but Radio Slave takes you to the very edge of climax, the verge of revelation, the verge of… oblivion, self actualization, ejaculation, and a backgammon tournament with God and Buddha and Otis Redding.

Start your set with “UNKLE.” Peak with “Trentemøller.” Chill with “Yam Who?” Blow your wad with “Beat Galore Friction.” But when on the climb out of your navel, return from your Magic Flight, taxidermy the loser of your Battle with the Innermost Beast – and do it with Radio Slave.


Wait, sorry, I forgot which genre I’m riffing on.

Just fill in the blank, but get the sound.


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