Does former Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman prove his worth

Does former Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman prove his worth

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings: Collector’s Edition Box Set

Ripple Records

Bill Wyman was with the Rolling Stones in their prime and up until the early 90’s. That’s when he decided that he wanted to be more than a rhythm guy in one of rocks biggest acts. He wanted to do something different. That something became something of a jam band in the form of Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings. With this group (and subsequent box set containing all four albums he’s released to date) he accomplished one thing. He knows how to stay generic.

Don’t get me wrong, the group is really talented and throughout the four albums and five discs you’ll hear some great guitar work and guests like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and George Harrison. But the set as a whole doesn’t have a single track that jumps out as a great track. They are all decent, but I can’t find myself listening to this over and over again. Maybe I’m too young to enjoy Wyman’s crew. Maybe I’m looking for more than 66 tracks of just messing around. Maybe I’m being a little too critical toward someone who is considered a legend.

Despite the talent, I can’t say that I would ever pop this in and listen to it under any circumstances. It’s just too generic and mediocre for me. If you enjoy listening to middle-aged people jam, you would love this. It’s just not for me.

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