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St. Louis Rams: Will trading down help?

Notable Free Agents: WR Brandon Lloyd, S Darian Stewart (Restricted)

The St. Louis Rams just can’t draft worth a crap. Here are the last six 1st round picks starting with last year and where they are now:

2011: Pick 15, DE Robert Quinn (Average rookie year, but under-achieving for a 1st rounder. Five sacks and 23 tackles last year)

2010: Pick 1, QB Sam Bradford (Solid rookie year, but injured much of 2011)

2009: Pick 2, OL Jason Smith (Injury-prone and on the verge of being cut)

2008: Pick 2, DE Chris Long (May finally be living up to the hype. 30.5 sacks for his career including 13 in 2011)

2007: Pick 13, DE Adam Carriker (No longer with the team. 4.5 sacks in the four years with team. 5.5 sacks last year for Washington Redskins)

2006: Pick 15, CB Tye Hill (No longer in the league. Three years and 28 games for the Rams and only four INTs. 5 INTs in his five-year career)

So will trading out of the #2 pick help the Rams at all? Maybe, but they need O-line help desperately if Bradford is going to succeed; which is why they should stay at #2 and take Offensive Tackle Ryan Kalil. He would end up being what they thought they were getting with Jason Smith. Now they also need help in the secondary and wide receivers that won’t get hurt, but protecting Bradford should be first and foremost on the Rams list.

If they decide to trade the #2 pick, I wouldn’t blame them as long as they are getting a wealth of picks (and a couple of players) in return. I see a team like the Seahawks try to trade up to get QB Robert Griffin III and it could work. Seahawks trade WR Sidney Rice, their #1 pick this year and next year for the Rams pick. That would work for both teams. Rams get a top-notch receiver (if he can stay healthy) and two #1 picks which could help plug some holes on the O-line and in the secondary. Would I do this? Probably, but I would be hesitant to take on a highly-paid and injury-prone WR. They already have somewhere around 7000 WR coming off Injured Reserve this off-season, do they really need a another?

I don’t know. It’s all speculative anyway. Bottom line: If the Rams don’t trade down, they need to take OL Ryan Kalil.

UPDATE: The Rams will trade the #2 pick! According to ESPN.com, the Browns (Pick #4), Redskins (Pick #6) and Dolphins (Pick #8) are interested in trading up. I bet they trade with the Redskins because, frankly, Owner Dan Snyder is an idiot and will give up way too much to move up. I don’t think the Fins need a QB. Chad Henne was coming into his own before he separated his shoulder and was placed on IR. It all comes down to what is offered for the Rams. This should help them rebuild quickly and get Bradford the help he desperately needs.

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