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Happy Zombie Girl

Happy Zombie Girl

With Sarah A Hanchar

Directed by Jay T Becker

Music by Olga Kolpakova and Elaine Pechacek

Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival – Red Venue</strong>

Finally – a cuddly Zombie! Young Sarah had a few drinks too many one night and finally said “Oh, what the hell. Bite me!” The scars are fresh, but there are perks to being undead – low utility bills and fresh brain co-ops for starts. True, body parts fall off, but that makes weight loss easy. Backed by an accordion and clarinet, Sarah sings songs like “I Accept It” and does a very funny song set about audience fears.”Hairballs” was particularly funny; this girl has great improv chops. She does some audience interaction with “the brain box”; this is mostly an excuse for her to run around like a five year old but it made me laugh. Near the end of the show, Sarah drops out of zombie character and talks about what I assume is a real boy friend. I’m glad for her but happy relations to not make for great comedy. Back in her Zombie space, she sings a short operetta about “OK Cupid” and I’m done – I’ve made the Zombie Trifecta for 2012. “Happy Zombie Girl” offers happy silly fun.

This show is part of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Tickets and other information may be found at http:\

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