Madam Pee Vira: Dark Lady

Madam Pee Vira: Dark Lady

Madam Pee Vira: Dark Lady
By A.J. Prats
Dulceart Works, Inc.
Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival – Blue Venue

I actually had an actor try to talk me out of seeing this show, and while I appreciate his concern, sometimes I must sacrifice and hour or two of my life to the gods of incoherent entertainment. Madame Pee Vira looks like an elongated Dr. Frankfurter, but without the personal charm. She runs a psychic service, and counsels her customer (Sheli Nathan-Miller) to leave his lover Pig Cop (Steven Johnson) because she is already involved with him. Conflict of interest, sure, but after you’ve sold your soul, does it matter? Off in the corner is Juju (Adam Graham) her life sized voodoo fetish doll, and Frederick the Zombie (Jonathon Randolph) shuffles about, hoping for a chance to escape. This all sort of makes sense but I’m polishing a bit, we spend the next hour with about a dozen random characters entering and leaving, all screaming as loudly as possible. The only possible reason for all these people is to look cool on stage; the story is rambling and incoherent. I give good marks to the costumes including darling little cockroach Plaxce (Katy Palomino) and a gorilla fisted mail man (Cedric Nickles). But beyond that, the story is hard to follow and everybody has their overacting knob set on eleven. If you’re going to see this, bring along some garlic and holy water and silver crucifix.

This show is part of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Tickets and other information may be found at http:\\

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