The Habit

The Habit

The Habit
By Wilson Loria
Directed by Ciara Carinci
Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival – Patron’s Room

Occasional Fringer Wilson Loria came up from St. Pete on short notice to fill in for a performer with visa problems. Loria didn’t get in the program, that’s a shame as Loria has always provided some of the more surreal theatre experiences of the Festival. Today he’s a nun who runs off with a broken toothed sinner for a night of passion and a life time of rejection. There’s a longish voice over sound track as Loria transforms from novice to lothario, he addresses the audience (some of us know him from way back) and while his story is often obscure, it’s jarring and disturbing. Images of salt pillars and soaring spirits combine to balance the lust of the moment with long term approbation authority figures are so good at. God said “Be fruitful and multiply” but the church added “but only if we say so.” It’s a disturbing dream, one you fortunately can wake up from.

This show is part of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Tickets and other information may be found at http:\\

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