Chrissy Murderbot

Chrissy Murderbot

Chrissy Murderbot

Friendship EP

Halocyan Records

You gotta love a guy who calls himself “Chrissy Murderbot.” But his picture is a disappointment, as he’s not some ominous gangsta thug but a nice, clean-cut-looking guy with an ear for mixing, who just popped out a new four-song EP with two originals and two remixes.

“Bionic Penguin” is a rather chaotic mix-up of syncopated drums, backward-sounding chords and a not-exactly-vocal backing. While snippets are danceable, the overall effect is taking the 1950s version of modern jazz and transplanting it onto a Chicago-style juke, complete with mustard, onions, and pickle slices. “Friendship” is nearly identical, except for the addition of a little musical line resembling a stripped-down “Hot Buttered Popcorn” theme. Deep in the remixes we find a stronger melody, fewer of the jaw wrenching starts and stops, and deeper chords that take a science fiction approach to the music. The “Bionic Penguin” remix even adds some extra melodies, slowed down to nearly Antarctic-freeze speed, and the “Friendship” remix sounds almost musical.

I’m going to throw this little EP into the “interesting” pile — listen to it, talk about it, discuss its implications, and then order another pitcher of beer and move on to the NBA playoffs.


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