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Nitro EP

Irontom Records

There’s a classic rock sound to this five-piece out of the Cali Indie rock scene, and while the music isn’t exactly ponderous, it’s in your face and lets you know it’s ready to tackle Big Issues.

That’s a bit at odds with the lyrics of “Boy Born,” a lament about the insecurity and uncertainly of impending adulthood. It’s a scary challenge growing up, especially if you’ve grown up thumbing a 4-inch video game and you don’t even have a mall to go hang out at anymore. Title track “Nitro” blasts out with a complex musical layering, exciting key changes and lyrics that are clear but hard to follow, casually tossing about the word “truth.” Just like Pilate I’m unclear on what this elusive concept might precisely be, but the press kit assures me that this music “is honest in its message.” I guess “Tinkerbell” might be honest; it’s got a sort of TV action adventure theme sound. I imaging the pounding opening and slow center rolling over a car chase, an exploding helicopter, and a stunt guy falling off a really tall firefighting tower. But my favorite track is the approved-for-posting-friendly “What Will Happen to All the Indie Stars.” The funk back beat reminds me of Here Come the Mummies, and its hook is powerful and more effective than the typical indie pop tune refrain.

This is a nice sophomore effort from a band that stands out from the crowded Indie market.


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