The Wet Secrets

The Wet Secrets

The Wet Secrets

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Does music still yearn? You know, fervently desire something, something better than what seems possible in this tired moment? Yeah, there are songs about voting in better politicians and saving the baby whales and getting an ice cream cone, but is there still room for a decent yearn? Somehow I think “Wet Secrets” still has some yearn in them, “Maybe We’ll Make A Plan” got into my brain and started whispering “let’s do something really cool, really subversive, something we can be proud of being arrested for… ” I’m not sure I’m on board yet but keep talking. Try out the down tempo lyrics of “Nightlife” backed with its descending chords, fast slithering synth lines, and lyrics that might be about being burgled or just losing a lover.

But only temporarily, that person might have just gone put for a smoothie or a test drive in a Prius even though it’s two in the morning. Sometimes I’m reminded of mid-career Sparks; the music is technically superior, the vibe defiantly off half a chord, and the topics covered intellectual and cerebral. I’ll groove with titles like “Kill Your Love” or “Animals in Disguise”, there’s plenty of room to maneuver in that rubber room of head space. “Wet Secret” is a refreshingly moist towelette of musical innovation, ready to remove the sticky sweet residue of todays over earnest pop music from your lips and cheeks.;

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