3 Old Farts

3 Old Farts

3 Old Farts
By Joe Rosier
Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, Purple Venue

What a drag it is getting old. Joe Rosier’s characters take this to various degrees of heart, they range from yelling at the neighborhood kids to chatting up women as a Publix bag boy to Viagraing his way through all the frustrated widows in The Villages. Rosier certainly looks the part, his white hair and weathered complexion make for a convincing portrait, and most of his lines could come from any of us over a certain age. In his curmudgeon mode hates the neighborhood kids, reads the NY Post for severed penis reports, and shops for undies that hide the pee stains. His Bag Boy is a gentler person; here he’s sought out company and at least makes an effort to be pleasant to the ladies. Finally there’s the Casanova Phase, her he feels the most complete: his life still has something worthwhile to live for, but I’ll say watching him sexting himself to tonight’s date was truly disturbing. There’s a zoom lens joke in here, but I’ll let you find it.

This production is part of the 2014 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Information on tickets and show times may be found at http://OrlandoFringe.org/

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