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The Fringe Omnibus 1

The Fringe 1

Orlando Fringe Festival

Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL</strong>

There are more shows than then I can keep up with, so here are some Social Media length comments on the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival. Information on tickets and times may be found at


Red Necks vs. Darwin </strong> (Pink Venue) I’ll just post two fair use quotes: “ ‘Hillbilly’ is a life style. ‘Redneck’ “is a way of thought.” And “If you’re against f*ckign a bird house, you’re against America.” Discuss.

Preshow Announcement </strong> (Orange, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Green Venue) </strong> Better. MUCH better.

Preshow Announcement </strong> (Black Venue) Fingernails on a chalk board with extra annoyance sauce. Plumbs the depths of Unfunnyville.

Massage A Trois </strong>(Blue Venue) Saw it at “Play de Luna,” but now with Janine Klein

Poe </strong> (Green Venue) Exceptional retelling of the “Edgar Allen Poe” story with Chris Pruett as Poe. Frank Hilgenberg lurks in back, jonesing to do a curtain speech.

Clink </strong> (Orange Venue) A man does horizontal pull ups 20 feet off the floor. Then Brandon Roberts makes you laugh.

1969: Stone Wall</strong>We learn it used to be illegal to sell alcohol to homosexuals in New York. But is the kid (NAME) that stole the show.

Robyn The Hood</strong> Orange Venue. More white people doing rap, this time with a token black guy on stage. Loved the horse gag!

Psychotherapy: The Musical</strong> (Yellow) Loved the concept. Loved the players. Loved the lyrics. But the music was completely forgettable

Scattered Chandeliers</strong> (Black Venue) “Phantom of the Opera” redone with modern pop tunes, constant motion, and overly loud sound. But Willy Marchante is a whirling dervish of a phantom.

Shadows And Light</strong> (Yellow venue) Beautiful modern dance with surprising magic that’s some of the best in the Festival.

Egg Tooth </strong> (Bronze) These guys are masters of the six word novel. Example: “For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn.” Plus they live the “Office Space” life style on stage.

A Road Less Graveled. </strong> (Red venue) Ultra nice Newfoundland native tell us about pooping in a bucket as she nearly freezes to death north of the 51st parallel.

Peter n’ Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel </strong> (Pink Venue) Long form sketch Scooby Doo parody with weird sexual undertones. Generates huge laughs, many uncomfortable.

Remy Connor – A Magician’s Story </strong> (Pink Venue) Magicians always say “I like to do it differently”, but hat all use the same card forces. The illusions were standard, but he can do some truly amazing things with his thumb, and if you sit up front you may get a free drink.

More to come…

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