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Kitty Puncher

Lower Lobby Men’s Restroom, Lowndes Shakespeare Center Orlando Fringe Festival

Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL</strong>

Number One: I am never going to urinate in the lower level men’s room again. Ever.

Number Two: This is the gayest show in the gayest venue in the gayest fringe in the world.

Number Three: There are more parallels between “Sissy” and “The Republic” that I can deconstruct her today. However, here are a few talking points: In both shows you voluntarily enter into an alien world. You do not know what will happened or why. Not all aspects of the situation are revealed. Audience members are humiliated and their full informed consent may not have been given. You will be changed when you exit. You will need to shower.

There are some important differences as well: One show is about power projected through power, the other power projected through sex. One requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement, the other requires a poncho. One creates a complete society, another very fine sliver of one. One aims to go I-Drive as a permanent tourist attraction. The other may simply cease to exist after next week.

This show was part of the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival. Information on tickets and times may be found at

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