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Bullshot Crummond

Bullshot Crummond

By Ron House, Diz White, Alan Shearman, John Neville Andrews and Dereck Cunningham

Directed by Tim Williams

Starring Sebastian Gonzalez, Chloe Brewer, and Celestine DiCicco

Valencia College Art and Entertainment Theatre

Orlando, FL</strong>

If it wasn’t for the British upper class, World War Two would have been overrun by Nazi saboteurs like Otto and Lenya Von Bruno (Edwards and Benson). But that Sceptered Isle was kept safe by the high principles and giant cod piece of Hugo “Bullshot” Crummond (Gonzalez) along with a close friend played by Mr. DiCicco. With five authors (just imagine the script meetings!) you might expect a jumbled mess of conflicting ideas and plot points, and that’s just what you get. But the show is delivered tongue-in-cheek and with the panache of a good MST3k episode. It’s a very funny, occasionally sexy and an always entertaining romp through poorly executed plans and sheer dumb luck. The Germans parachute in to Netherington Abbey aiming to steal a formula from Professor Fenton (DiCicco) while Crummond and Rosemary Fenton (Chloe Brewer) alternately chase and flee from the Teutonic Terrors. The cardboard set is adjusted by stage hands on the fly, ducks and aero planes fly on squeaky wires, and actors seem unable to recognize each other when ever the plot demands it. It’s like the current Presidential race, but with better gags.

Edwards deadpans his way through the crisis and while acting is not really required here, timing is, and he’s on top of every gag thrown his way. DiCicco covers a half dozen supporting roles from the vapid Algy Longwort to the hump backed Marovitch, gleefully attacking every line he has. Ms. Brewer offers the most interesting underwear; she’s the romantic lead but could run her own comedy club, and the elegantly evil Mr. Edwards argues with himself as the German Spy and the Italian mobster in one of the best quick change routines I’ve seen. Lastly there’s the slinky Ms. Benson, femme fatal and navigator; she covers the evil front for her partner Otto when he’s off playing other roles. This is a Farce with a capitol “F”, and that’s “F” as in fun, frantic and fabulous.

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