Big Talk EP


Thanks to artists like Grimes and Chvrches, it’s become ok – cool, even – to like pop music. Throw some unexpected samples and electro effects into those shiny pop songs and you’ve got indie cred. Lay heavy the beats, learn to white girl rap a bit, and you’re golden. This is where you’ll find Conway, a NYC transplant who found her sound out in L.A. and has already opened shows for the likes of Charlie XCX and Ellie Goulding, electropop royalty.

The Big Talk EP are 4 songs that equal pure dancefloor gold. Call me a victim of pop culture, but when I can either imagine a Step Up dance sequence, or a Pitch Perfect accapella mashup of a song, I know it’s a hit. And every one of these songs meet those criteria with ease. “Sudden Dawn” was the hook that reeled me in – with its handclap beat and Gwen Stefani meets Polica inflection, it’s a smoldering groove that has a reggae base and a cheer-squad top. It’s the audio equivalent of a striptease seduction in the dark corner of a club… and there’s the Step Up story-line for the dance sequence. Oh, please, someone make that happen!

“Big Talk” is the next obvious choice for single, but “Attack” is the edgier, sexier cut with it’s worldly groove and soaring vocals. “Hustler” takes a middle eastern rhythm, layers in some trashcan stomps and bird songs and somehow makes it all sound badass. The same can be said for all of this electropop music – it’s a bunch of seemingly unrelated elements pile up high, with a great singer serving as the whip cream and, if that singer happens to have sex appeal, a cherry on top. It’s a tasty treat, though not a main course.

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