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Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump

Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump

Acting Passionate Presents

By Thomas Mesrobian

Directed by Thomas Mesrobian and Mark Hartfield

Musical Direction by Patrick Fleitz

Choreography by Marisa Enyart

Starring Fredy Ruiz, Eduardo A Rivera, and Skyler Knopp

Gold Venue

The 2016 Orlando International Fringe Festival

Orlando, FL</strong>

This is all pretty scary – the producers had to put in for this show way back in October, and their absurdist bet paid off: The bad hairpiece is in the lead, or so close it makes this show stingingly relevant. But better than that, it’s pricelessly funny. The music is all from the Broadway hit “Hamilton”; it features color blind, gender neutral and age ignorant casting with only one rule: white guys play the white guys. The Donald is covered by the tall and suspiciously Spanish looking Fredy Ruiz with a dead beaver died gold taped to his head. His posse included the funny and occasionally dead Eduardo Rivera as Dr. “I’m A Scientist” Carson), the boyish Mike Huckabee (Skyler Knopp) and the not very-Hispanic at all Marco Rubio (Nathan Bonk). These loser republicans sell their soul for a change to ride his coat tails and smell his golden farts, and whatever political ideas they may have had crumble under the onslaught of Trump’s pseudo wonderfulness. Rivers take’s the man’s buster and turns it into wonderful rap lyrics, and you have to admit; the line between urban street fighting music and todays campaign speech isn’t that far apart. Trumps multiple and usually foreign wives get the obvious gag about screwing the immigrants, and when Sara Palin arrives, even the Trumpster sends her back to Alaska to watch the commies. This is a big brash show full of pumping music, hot hot hot current events gags and while I can say trump supports will like it, I can’t imagine any of them will see it ether. This looks like another “buy your tickets early” show, and fortunate, there’s a chance it might not be funny after the conventions. Live it up while you can.

This Commentary was prepared from a technical rehearsal.

This show was presented as part of the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival for show times, tickets and more information please visit .

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