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Douchebags Adam McCabe Presents

By Adam McCabe

Yellow Venue

The 2016 Orlando International Fringe Festival

Orlando, FL</strong>

Well, THIS is an accurately named show. Three modern guys meet in a bar; they don’t have names so I’ll call them Urban Black Dude, Drunk Kid, and Beard Guy. UBG has fallen into a sexless, loveless sleep-together arrangement; he popped the question, she said “no,” yet he and his pseudo mate remain together, maybe just to save rent. DK is the tallest; under age and drunk he’s just experienced his first break up because she got a piece on the side. He cries like a baby about it and has no sense that the hurt might fade with time and a new opportunity. BG could screw mud; his bag is one night stands and casual sex; anything lasting longer than 2 hours freaks him out. All fine and dandy, but the strident cross lecturing spews a barrage of ill aimed testosterone on the audience. None of these guys draw the least bit of sympathy; they talk AT each other, not TO each other. They belabor points if they have them, swear incessantly when they don’t and end up peeing in a parking lot. More bothersome, they never actually sound like desperate men on alcohol; discussions of feelings and motivation dominate and I can’t think of a single time when I heard those words slip out of a hetro guy’s mouth, and never in a bar. Maybe the key lies in the last line of the show. BG announces apropos of nothing “I think I might be gay.” WTF, buddy? If you are, you’re displaying it in a rather unusual way.

This commentary was prepared from a technical rehearsal.

This show was presented as part of the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival for show times, tickets and more information please visit .

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