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Carol Stein

Carol Stein

Spotlight Cabaret

June 16, 2016

Winter Park Playhouse</strong>

Carol Stein has yet to find a country she can’t sing about. Mrs. Stein travels extensively and compulsively and has the stories to prove it. Singing and playing piano, she opens with “Come Fly Away”, and we are off to hear about the capitals of Europe and other points of interest. “I’m a Londoner,” “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square,” “Fiddler’s Green” and “The Drunken Scotsman” take us through the United Kingdom, then “Hat’s Off to Beer!” slips right in. All savvy travelers know beer is the one safe thing to drink no matter where you go. “I Love Paris,” Wonderful Copenhagen” and “Slow Boat to China” move us along; her voice is strong and fearless, even in the distant reaches of the new lobby extension she was clear and present. Mrs. Stein really flashes her piano skills in “Carol Corner”. Here she pounds out “This Land is Your Land” in the style of Mozart and Rachmaninoff; these were composer selections from the audience. I almost gave her “Joey Ramone” but that would have been cruel. This show went a good bit past its allotted hour, but when it wrapped up the closer was “Someday We’ll Meet Again” by Dame Vera Lynn. You may remember that song from “Dr. Strangelove;” it’s a great ending to an evening or an antiwar film.

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