Death Valley Girls

Death Valley Girls

Death Valley Girls

Glow In The Dark

Burger Records

If Jefferson Airplane got lost in the desert, tripped out on hallucinogens, and ran into The Velvet Underground near a flaming cactus campfire, the jam session that would have inevitably transpired may have very well resulted in Death Valley Girls’ Glow In The Dark. “Seis Seis Seis,” especially, slithers through a green demon landscape with poison in its veins and temptation on its tongue. It’s sexy and stained, like a leather clad warrior woman with skinned knees. This delicious delicacy of darkness and decadence, out on Burger Records, holds the head of 70’s glam punk under psychedelic waters letting it up for air just enough to croak a “hey, what’s up?” to Quentin Tarantino (who should get crackin’ on another exploitation action horror film and hit this band up for a key track).

“Pink Radiation” uses an eerie church organ to create a sweet, apocalyptic love song. “Glow In The Dark” struts with its tits out — bold, brash and ready to cut you. There’s an overall gang mentality that surrounds Death Valley Girls. More roller derby or biker gang than street fighters — the kind of girl gang (with one dude in the mix) that jumped off the screen of an old drive-in movie. But it ain’t all territorial disputes and knife fights, this band can shake its money maker when it wants to. “Disco” surprises with a mid tempo skating rink jam. “Death Valley Boogie” leans hard on the guitar licks and stakes a claim on the Los Angeles heritage the band was borne out of. “I’m A Man Too” may sound like a 60’s girl group homage, but it’s performed with a sneer and jab in the spirit of Gore Gore Girls.

There’s a sense of “anything goes” that surrounds this music. Late night make-outs with strangers, seances in cemeteries, rocket ship rides to other planets — I’d like to believe that this band is game for it all… so long as it’s their idea, that is.

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