The Micronaut

The Micronaut

The Micronaut



Und now, wie do not dance. Instead we stand stock still and groove to the urgent space of this Leipzig performer who may have a band, but I’ll rather guess he works in a dark room with an iPad mixing app. What little I gleaned from the ‘net shows a gaunt young man in black, sometimes standing in front of a modernist apartment tower, other times purposefully not making eye contact with the camera man. But no matter, it’s the sound that matters and this is a bright, full and electronic sound with a solid grounding in pop chords and major keys. Vocals are slim, some female voices appear and there’s some synthetic/processed patchwork of vocals in the background.

The Microunaut want to sound happy, they want you to feel happy, but they have to maintain a certain artistic distance. Like good jazz musicians, their art insists you think hard before you enjoy. And right now I AM thinking hard, and by golly I am enjoying tracks like “Kite (feat Sebastian Bode)” or “Pyramid (feat Siask Arndt).” The groove is a totally chill club, I imagine blue LED’s illuminating complex cocktails, and the darkness is tuned just right to make you feel you’ve escaped the mundane and entered the Club Zone. Have fun while you’re there; your chill will remain until “Forms” repeats often enough to make you move out in to the sweaty Leipzig Summer night. See you there!

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