#FirstWorldSanta Written & Directed by Winnie Wenglewick
Dangerous Theater
Sanford FL

I hate to see the winter holiday season encroach on the summer one, but that’s where the world is heading. Tonight we meet Santa’s Number One Elf “Twinkleballs” (Max Goldstone) who is drunk while delivering presents. He’s working a house down south and a young lady (Catarina Clayton) catches him with a double barrel shot gun and demands some answers. Twinkleballs reveals the sad fact Santa (Mark J. Richman) has celiac disease and as excuses for losing Christmas goes, this one is a stretch but it is one I never thought of. We ramble through most of the usual Christmas questions: How does he make all that stuff, how does he work omnipresence business and how, exactly, does Santa differ from Jehovah? Santa ends up visiting the BDSM psychologist (Clayton), and Twinkleballs contemplates a hostile takeover of the Santa operation.

The crowd was light so this show never got the laughter rolling as it should have but there are some interesting angles to the show. I thought the psychologist jokes worked best of all, and the idea of suggesting adult spanking as cure for a gluten allergy was brilliant. Richman was angry and profane, yet his unseen wife seemed really dedicated to helping him out in the cookie lab. Clayton worked better as a sexy adult than as a well-armed child, and Goldstone did his best work as a physical comedian. This is a bit of an odd show, but one worth the drive up to Sanford.

For more information on Dangerous Theatre, please visit DangerousTheatre.com/. Please note Dangerous Theatre operates in both Sanford, FL and Denver CO.

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