Waving Through a Window

Waving Through a Window

Waving Through a Window
Featuring Deejay Young
Musical Direction by Chris Leavy
Spotlight Cabaret Series
Winter Park Playhouse
Winter Park, FL

A fresh crowd of fresh faces appeared at this month’s cabaret; the featured artist brings his amazing posse of family and friends and coworkers to what is now a Winter Park institution: the monthly spotlight cabarets. Mr. Young claims to be a tenor but he hits high notes that no tenor would look at, and his combination of smooth Disney vocals and classical scat singing brings a fresh breeze to the evening performance. Acolytes were straggling in until a quarter to eight, but a wired sense of energy filled the room, and the bartender struggled to keep up. Table service is a nice touch, but the hard-core stand-in-line drunks are your bread and butter.

While the style is particularly specific, the source material came from across the spectrum: Disney classics, show tunes, spirituals, and original compositions all flew across the stage. A guest or two filled in for some tracks, giving house pianist a rare break. Mr. Young recently released an EP that is flying up the charts (or whatever we have today…can you still get “Billboard”?) and we heard a few tracks from that source. Even with a late start this went quickly, and had I not lost my scribbled notes I’d give titles. But you don’t need titles, you needed to be there, singing at a high top or ordering a glass of cheap red wine.

For more information on Winter Park Playhouse, please visit http://www.winterparkplayhouse.org

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