Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge

Manic Revelations

Rounder Records

For protest music, this is way happier and up beat than all those Vietnam era. This is Mr. LaFarge’s eighth album and the centerpiece is the opening track “Riot In The Streets.” It’s a protest about the Ferguson shootings, but you must listen closely to catch that important fact. The overall sound here leans on a light pop effect with a slightly nasal yet still engaging vocal that keeps the message moving forward.

After the brief protest tune, we are back to what LaFarge excels at: Light upbeat pop tunes with heart. “Must Be A Reason” takes a straight ahead look at love, and this is the happy fun part of love that leads you down your own personal primrose path. “Better Man Than Me” looks to a Four Swell Guys sound complete with a backing male chorus chanting “better man, don’t you want to be a better man?” With a swinging blues harp backing the exercise, its infectiously happy and I like to think it made ME a better man. “Silent Movie” is as close to downer song LaFarge offers us here, it’s a break up tune set to a charming metaphor of credits rolling in an old B&W tear jerking two reeler. LaFarge has that killer teaming of polished style, sensitive lyrical skills, and excellent musicianship. Basically, this guy rocks without playing Rock and Roll.


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