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Dark Money

Dark Money

directed by Kimberly Reed

Sure, all politicians are crooked on some level, but this scary documentary shows just how bad things really are. This film follows the murky trail of a systematic attempt to hijack the judiciary, the legislature and governor’s mansion in all 50 states. The focus here is on Montana, a state once ruled by the copper barons. One hundred years ago a populist rebellion drove them out, and Montana became one of the least corrupt states in the union. But no more; large money and manipulation of the electorate has put it firmly in the pockets of…who can tell? The Koch brothers? The Illuminati? But whoever they may be their goals are simple: dismantle the entire structure of government and replace it by puppets under no pretense of working for the public good.

That’s the story here, and its a well assembled argument against the “Citizens United” decision. A young newspaper reporter, John Adams, guides us through this tale of deceit and finagling. He’s a bright young man computer with ironic mustache, and he’s a tough, dogged investigator even as his paper folds. We follow him as he chases leads, blogs the story, and eventually aids in bringing down a corrupt congressman. Along the way you see how elections are “carpet bombed” by dark money. That’s when your mail box fills with vicious claims that one candidate eats babies for lunch, or will personally take your guns, or worst of all: bring you more government and more taxes. Who’s paying for this? no one knows, and no one is accountable. This might be the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, and there’s only one way to fight this hijacking: get out and vote, or better yet, run for office.;

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