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Miss Jaedha

Miss Jaedha

Everything But Ordinary


The electronic music industry is steaming full speed ahead, and new artists appear weekly to press the bounds of where melody fades into rhythmic disruption. I don’t have much info on this artist other than a Facebook page; she seems Colorado based and in love with everything and everybody. Musically, there’s an element of pop music with melodic structure and a bit of chorus, but all the tunes eventually ended up in the world of electronic samples and synthesizers pushed into corners until they fight back.

I’m tracking “We all Have Horns” with its slow 1/4 beat. Yeah that’s an odd signature, and maybe I’m counting it wrong, but it soon picks up Ms. J’s interesting vocals propelled by a fluent marimba sample accompanied by some squishy beats. A few track pass by and now I’m grooving to an island beat interrupted with a sampled scat singing. I pick out words and moods; this island sound feels uncomfortably science fiction influenced, yet there’s an element of old school spy movie music sampled here as well. I’m intrigued, sometimes confused, and always ready to drop into dance beat until Ms. Jaedha pulls the musical rug out from under my crafty plans.

Now we’re almost done with this listening session, and I’m floating through a sampled sound track that begs for some sort of avant guarde 1970’s animation. Whispers of her voice float by, or maybe it’s a backup singer. I’m confused but tingling. Could it be the low oxygen content of the Ft. Collins air affecting me? And where is Peter Ivers when we really need him?

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