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Silje Torsøe

Silje Torsøe


The silky smoothness of Jill Scott has echoes in “Closer,” the lush new single from Norwegian singer/composer Silje Torsøe.

Torsøe has a magnificent voice; it is absolutely pretty from first listen and its attractiveness deepens with succeeding spins. She weaves a spell that swirls with the radiant melodies of the song. Many young female artists adopt a soulful range but Torsøe succeeds where a number of them don’t generate enough heat because of the passion in her vocals. It isn’t just about technique; it’s feel. And Torsøe caresses the ears and heart with the sweetness of her tone. She is hypnotic.

Bassist and producer Anders Mossberg delivers the right amount of funk to solidify the song’s engaging beat. He doesn’t overdo it, letting his instrument provide extra muscle that doesn’t drown the light touch of Torsøe’s fragile singing. Frøydis Grorud’s steamy sax adds heat to an already romantic atmosphere. Torsøe balances her jazz and pop influences with tastefulness and grace; she shines throughout the track, hinting at a bright future ahead.

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