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Julien Hucq

Julien Hucq

Light Blue

Early Bird Records

The brilliant saxophonist Julien Hucq recently came out with a brand new studio album, Light Blue. This record highlights Hucq’s passion for jazz music, as well as his ability for combining technical excellence with spontaneous and creative performances. The 2019 studio effort features six cuts, each setting the bar higher in terms of genre definitions and contact details.

The artist’s music is incredibly diverse, and what’s special is that he showcases the best combination of technical skills and emotional performances. The album’s opening track, “Mudd’s Mode,” is actually a perfect example of what I am talking about. The composition has a direct flow, allowing these musicians to express themselves fully and without boundaries. The second track on this release, “Light,” is all about keeping the mood soft and smooth. The sound of the brushed drum kit is absolutely astonishing, keeping a dynamic sound with plenty of nuances. The bass is just as rich, giving the lead instruments a perfect rhythmic backdrop. “This One Is for Us” is a fun and upbeat cut that showcases the band’s verve. It’s a fast-paced number with a melodic vibe and cool combination of classic influences and more personal ideas. “Here’s That Rainy Day” features a distinctive introduction, and it delves into a melancholic arrangement with a slower tempo, perfectly leading into the title track, which is arguably one of the highlights on this particular release, showcasing the band’s ability to create some incredibly effective harmony parts. Finally, “X” marks the perfect curtain closer, going for an ending with a bang.

If you like seminal jazz albums such as A Love Supreme (John Coltrane) or Kind of Blue (Miles Davis), this one is definitely going to be something worth looking into. This music traces the steps of the best jazz, giving it an insightful personal spin that highlights the sensibility of these performers.

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