• Cowboy Junkies

    Cowboy Junkies

    Sing In My Meadow (Latent Recordings). Review by Carl F Gauze.

  • The Flaming Lips

    The Flaming Lips

    A three-ring psychedelic circus took place at the House of Blues, with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips as the ringmaster. Jeff Schweers watched it all from the rafters.

  • Thelonious Monk

    Thelonious Monk

    The Definitive Thelonious Monk on Prestige and Riverside (Concord Music Group). Review by Scott Adams.

  • The Raga Bop Trio

    The Raga Bop Trio

    Raga Bop Trio (Abstract Logix). Review by Shelton Hull.

  • The Secret Life of Glenn Gould

    The Secret Life of Glenn Gould

    It wasn’t all Bach and hypochondria in the life of mercurial pianist Glenn Gould. Shelton Hull finds this new biography awash in details of the great musician’s love life and other psychological insights.

  • Fela Kuti Lives

    With over 40 albums and an unassailable legacy as the originator of one of Africa’s most popular and enduring sounds, the job of curating Fela Kuti‘s catalog for the 21st century is a difficult and enviable task. Ink 19 dives into the Knitting Factory’s Chop n’ Quench, Fela’s first nine albums re-released, and gives a heads up on the Na Poi set of albums due to drop on May 11.

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