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Jody Byrd

Jody Byrd


Jody Byrd is a charismatic jazz artist with a focus on creating wonderful and smooth music that transcends the usual stylistic boundaries and genre definitions.

Byrd’s repertoire, along with his band the Southwest Biscuit Company, is incredibly diverse. He is confident when it comes to giving the audience a personal take on the unique sound of jazz through the years, embracing timeless influences while still allowing his style to shine through so distinctively. His new single, “Wintertime,” is charming, lushly gorgeous. This is a beautiful creation, filled to the brim with passion and intensity, not to mention world-class musicianship of the highest caliber.

The song is easily a future seasonal classic, and it stands out as an amazing example of his vocals and artistry. His voice is so far reaching and emotional, and his singing might indeed remind you of legendary crooners such as Frank Sinatra, as well as Paul Anka, Nat King Cole and Tony Bennet, only to mention but a few. What I truly do love about “Wintertime” is the fact that the song has a classic feel, yet it also feels crisp and fresh, highlighting Byrd’s talent and his personal take on the genre. Being a veteran musician, Byrd knows a thing or two about what it takes to make amazing music that will stand the test of time.

The Simi Valley singer managed to portray the spirit of Christmas quite indelibly on this stunning release. “Wintertime” is a soothing, melodic and atmospheric listening experience, which offers a sweetly layered production and highly cinematic appeal, making the song incredibly vivid. This is definitely going to be a playlist highlight to enjoy with your whole family through Christmas, so don’t miss out and give it a chance because it is definitely going to be something right up your alley, especially if you are a fan of modern jazz music and the magic of holiday songs in general. Byrd is a masterful vocalist, and this song stands the test of time, a beautiful appraisal of the singer’s skills, as well as his ability to provide a vheartwarming journey through some lovely and awe-inspiring jazz sounds.

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