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David Walters

David Walters


Six Degrees Records

David Walters sets out his mission in the title, Nocturne. It’s a musical composition inspired by or evocative of the night. Some people are afraid of the dark. Some people are afraid of the stranger. David Walter’s find the peace that night brings, when the work is done and you can relax with friends, old and new. Sometimes, I create a little mental movie to go with a record. In my imagination, we’re in the common room of an Inn at some remote crossroad. Four travelers sit around the fireplace. They’re from different places, they speak different languages and come from different traditions. David get’s out his guitar and begins singing something in Martinican Creole. Frenchman, Vincent Segal likes what he hears and joins in on cello. The Malian, Ballaké Sissoko, gets out his cora and add delicate harp melodies. The percussionist from Guadeloupe, Roger Raspali, improvises rhythms on hand percussion and everyday items. Four strangers come together with a common language that exists beyond words. Four voices blend harmoniously, without sacrificing their uniqueness. In the quiet of the night, strangers become friends as music melts away barriers of language and culture. We’re all human beings here tonight. We’re all family.

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