My Wonderful Wanda

My Wonderful Wanda

My Wonderful Wanda

directed by Bettina Oberli

starring Agnieszka Grochowska, André Jung, Marthe Keller

Zodiak Studios

Sometimes you take a gig for the money but stay for the side benefits. Wanda (Grochowska) takes good care of her failing employer, Josef (Jung). He’s a Swiss industrialist, rich and lonely and she adds extra services for a few euros. Now she’s pregnant and the whole house of Swiss respectability collapses. A fight develops over the baby’s future, and Josef sends a cow to Wanda’s parents in their Warsaw apartment. This Swiss comedy explodes with conflict and joy. Wanda takes the brunt of the ills will, her parents are horrified, Josef’s wife Elsa (Keller) is humiliated, and her sons taxidermized bird collection needs to flyaway to allow him to grow up and learns to run a multinational company. And the baby? It’s a soccer ball of shame and hope. This little guy will have the worst of it all.

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