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Samuel Mösching

Samuel Mösching

Ethereal Kinks

Bronzeville Music

This past month has been a hard one for everyone. Russia is trying to start WW III, I started a new job, and I also have to find a new place to live. Just a little bit of stress happening in my world. Ethereal Kinks has been my go-to jam for this crazy time. Samuel gives us a mostly solo album of light jazz. I generally despised the “lite” jazz of the ’80s, but it’s like Mösching distilled all the best parts of that genre into a soothing chamomile tea of a jazz record.

The songs are slow jams featuring melodic guitar melodies playing against equally melodic bass lines. Stylistically, Mösching reminds me of the best from guitarists like George Benson and Earl Klugh. The songs are gentle and easy to listen to without being easy listening. Samuel has given me the perfect sit and chill soundtrack to a stressed-out life. If I want to pay attention, I’m rewarded with cool guitar and bass riffs. If I don’t want to pay attention, then Ethereal Kinks makes great aural wallpaper.

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