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Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music

Feel the Void

Equal Vision Records

Anthem-fueled Feel the Void is a distillation and culmination of the constant evolution of Ragan, Wollard and Co., who’ve retained and expanded their capacity to deliver something authentic and true.

“Killing Time” and “Collect Your Things and Run” are a through-wire that manage to carry the original core Hot Water Music has always been while still reflecting years of growth.

They’ve avoided the pitfalls of leaning on their past while building on the fuel of experience, exploding forward and into the now. It’s been a bit of a survival game to avoid the pitfalls and trappings of the post-hardcore nineties and the digital deluge of the New Millennium. But the original scruffier edges of Hot Water Music have managed come out the other side and crystalize into something edgier, more meaningful, loaded with intention.

Tracks like “Habitual” challenge any knee jerk cynicism with bulletproof motivation and the earnestness that propels them. It seems Hot Water Music is heavy-built and intent on plowing forward while taking longtime fans and casual listeners along with them.

Hot Water Music

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