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Greetings from Queertown: Orlando

Greetings from Queertown: Orlando

directed by Jess Keller,

starring Patty Sheehan, Micheal Wanzie

Watermark Film Company and Adrenaline Films

When I moved to Orlando in 1982, this was a much different city. The streets rolled up at 6 p.m., there was little to do beyond the parks and air boating, and if there were any gay folks, they did not advertise. But today is much different, with a vibrant night life an a vocal gay community out to keep the city fabulous.

This nifty doc on the transition features Orlando stalwarts Michael Wanzie and Patty Sheehan. Their stories are all too typical: afraid to show their true personas, they hid themselves, took jobs at big amusement parks, and gave us art and theater and just utter fabulousness. Director Jess Keller interviews over two dozen men and women, each with their own story, but within these distinct narratives we hear a common ground. You get a peek at the Headdress Ball and hear multiple stories of how people met their life partners. Local officials as well continue to support the Gay Side of Orlando, despite the vitriol spewing from Tallahassee.

This a rather short film by Florida Filmfest standards, but it oscillates between moving, funny, and sad.

Florida Film Festival

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