• Circle the Wagen

    Circle the Wagen

    Dave Torstenson buys a beat up VW micro bus on the internet and heads for Los Angeles, one break down at a time.

  • PLASTIC GALAXY: The Story of Star Wars Toys

    Kickstarter-funded documentary on Star Wars figure collectors, with interviews from both the collectors and the original toy designers.

  • Losing LeBron

    Losing LeBron

    LeBron James abandons the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the fans are pretty ticked off. Will they get over it?

  • Love Me

    Love Me

    “Overweight male gun nut seeks hot Ukrainian woman. Must be willing to travel.” Carl F Gauze investigates a film that details just who is involved here.

  • It’s the Hard Knock Life

    It’s the Hard Knock Life

    The hit musical Annie returns to Broadway and we get a backstage look at the production and preparation. Now Carl F Gauze can’t stop singing the title song.

  • American Jesus

    American Jesus

    A documentary on some of the more eccentric churches in America.

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