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Russ Spiegel

Russ Spiegel

Caribbean Blue

Ruzztone Music

All the trees are covered in snow and ice. The roads are skating rinks and the Wawa parking lot is full of moribund Teslas. It’s winter in America, another polar vortex is bringing freezing temperatures as far south as Florida, and there is no way to get away for a Caribbean cruise. You dream of sunny skies and rum drinks, but the snow keeps coming. Russ Spiegel is here to help. He can’t give you tickets to Cancun, but his latest album, Caribbean Blue, will take you on an imaginary tropical vacation.

Russ Spiegel is an in-demand session guitarist, composer, and recording engineer. In addition to leading his own groups, Russ has worked in pit orchestras on Broadway and on movie soundtracks. Caribbean Blue draws inspiration from Spiegel’s world travels.

Let the title track, “Caribbean Blue,” wash over you like gentle waves on your own private beach. Let Hendrik Meurkens lull you into serene repose with his lilting chromatic harmonica. If you’re up for some dancing, let the bones shake to the grooves on “Island Song” and “The Underdown Groove.” Spiegel gives his collaborators Brian Lynch, (trumpet) and Tim Armacost, (sax) plenty of room to solo and spin out variations on the melodies. Of course, you’ve also got tasteful solos from Russ himself throughout.

So put on Caribbean Blue and take a little musical break. Getting a little of that sunshine spirit in your soul may be just what you need on a snowy winter day.

Russ Spiegel

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