• Of Mule and Man

    Of Mule and Man

    M*A*S*H creator Mike Farrell takes a rental Prius on a cross-country book tour and ruminates on the 2008 political climate. Carl F Gauze suspects it’s a Hummer with a Prius shell.

  • Playing President

    Playing President

    Veteran left-wing political journalist Bob Scheer has interviewed every elected U.S. President from Nixon to Clinton, and as his latest book shows, he’s done so with fairness and insight. So why hasn’t he managed to chat with George W.? Eric J. Iannelli takes a look at Scheer’s Playing President.

  • High Life

    If you thought Raymond Chandler was hard-boiled, you’re in for quite a shock from the gritty reality of Matthew Stokoe’s gripping new book, High Life. Ian Koss needed a shower after writing this review.

  • The Eye of Cybele

    Sex, political intrigue, and… ancient Greece? Carl F. Gauze explains why Daniel Chavarria’s The Eye of Cybele is perfect summer reading.

  • Rhythm And Business

    Editor Norman Kelly takes a hard look at this business of black music in Rhythm And Business, a series of essays on the economic place of blacks in the music industry. Carl F. Gauze does the math.

  • Synthetic Bi Products

    Intensely personal and disturbingly familiar, Sparrow L. Patterson’s debut novel, Synthetic Bi Products follows a tough teen bisexual girl from the suburbs of Chicago through an early ’90s downward spiral of sex, drugs, and shoplifting. Julio Diaz can relate.

  • We Owe You Nothing

    Since its founding in 1994, Punk Planet has been one of the most intelligent and honest magazines around, focusing equally on punk rock and progressive politics. Now, Akashic Books has collected the magazine’s most interesting interviews as We Owe You Nothing. Anton Wagner offers an in-depth analysis.

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