• Lamb

    Lamb, with Kid Kenobi at Enmore in Sydney, Australia on April 16, 2002. Concert review by Dan Stapleton.

  • Tool

    Tool, with The Melvins at the Royal Theatre in Canberra, Australia on April 29, 2002. Concert review by Dan Stapleton.

  • The Waifs

    Australian folk-pop trio The Waifs are working hard to get their charming and honest music heard in the rest of the world. Stein Haukland catches up with singer / guitarist Donna Simpson at the start of the band’s US tour.

  • Kasey Chambers

    Listening to Kasey Chambers’ debut album, The Captain, it’s not hard to believe that she grew up in the South. The kicker, though, is that her incredibly authentic country music originates from the South of Australia! Sean Slone talks with the gifted young artist about the roots of her music and life in the outback.

  • Jebediah

    Hugely popular in their native Australia, Jebediah are starting to make waves as indie darlings herein the States following the release of their second album, Of Someday Shambles. Jason Feifer traverses the International Dateline to catch up with frontman Kevin Mitchell.

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