• Fizzle Like a Flood

    Doug Kabourek was once part of the band that eventually became The Faint, but with Golden Sand and the Grandstand, he’s moved on to his own lo-fi indie pop gems as Fizzle Like a Flood. Stein Haukland gets the scoop on Kabourek’s music and that unusual name.

  • The Mates of State

    The Mates of State aim to become the Captain and Tennille of indie-pop. Christopher R. Weingarten tries to find out if love can keep these musical and matrimonial partners together.

  • Desaperaceidos

    The Happiest Place On Earth (Saddle Creek). Review by Stein Haukland.

  • Lassie Foundation / Duraluxe

    I Duel Sioux and the Ale of Autumn (Grand Theft Autumn Records). Review by Randall J. Stephens.

  • B’ehl

    Fun seems to be a forgotten word in music. I don’t mean Weird Al or Mojo Nixo…

  • The Gunga Din

    Singer Siobhan Duffy describes the Gunga Din’s sound as "Southern Lounge." But what exactly does that mean? As she tells Marcel Feldmar, it aon’t indie rock…

  • Bright Eyes

    The latest from Conor Oberst seems to take up where the last EP left off. Sti…

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