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The Asphodells

Music Reviews

Ruled By Passion, Destroyed by Lust (Rotters Golf Club). Review by Carl F Gauze.


Music Reviews

Wavvves (Fat Possum). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Punk 365

Print Reviews

Matthew Moyer is glad that Holly George-Warren and the other compilers of this coffeetable-riffic collection of punk photos fetishize image as much as he does.

When Circuits Learned to Sing

Target Or Flag

Ever wonder where those electronic squiggles in old Science Fiction films came from? Ever wonder about the first bands to abandon guitars for electronic instruments? Two new films from Plexfilm show you how Robert Moog taught circuits to sing and how British pop bands put those sounds on the pop charts. Bob Pomeroy sings the body electric.


Music Reviews

Oxidizer (Invisible Records ). Review by Matthew Moyer.

Baby Ford

Music Reviews

Basking In The Brakelights (Force Inc). Review by Rob Levy.

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Clint Black at Riverside Casino and Resort

Clint Black at Riverside Casino and Resort


Jeremy Glazier reports from this late 2023 concert packed with fantastic music, lighting, and displays that give the feeling of a two-hour Clint Black Live at Riverside Casino and Resort music video.