• Foo Fighters

    One By One (RCA). Review by Chad Perman.

  • Solaris

    Those expecting a sci-fi shootout — or simply a glimpse of George Clooney’s ass — might be disappointed with Steven Soderbergh’s remake of Solaris. But Chad Perman finds that a deeper look reveals one of the finest films of the year.

  • Smashing Pumpkins

    Earphoria (Virgin). Review by Chad Perman.

  • Badly Drawn Boy

    Have You Fed the Fish? (ArtistDIRECT). Review by Chad Perman.

  • Bright Eyes

    A Christmas Abum (Saddle Creek). Review by Chad Perman.

  • Frailty

    Bill Paxton makes his directoral debut with Frailty, newly released on DVD. Is it a winning effort, or is it "game over" right out of the gate? Chad Perman lets you know.

  • Sigur Ros

    ( ) (MCA). Review by Chad Perman.

  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Adam Sandler and Paul Thomas Anderson might sound like an odd couple, but Chad Perman credits the twosome for making Punch-Drunk Love one of the year’s best films.

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