• Eddie Izzard

    Eddie Izzard

    The cross-dressing comic returned to Memphis with history, philosophy, and plenty of laughs.

  • Whiskey Galore

    Whiskey Galore

    A ship full of whiskey collides with a rock in the Outer Hebrides during WW2 saving the local population from almost certain sobriety.

  • Long Story Short

    Long Story Short

    MTV, Saturday Night Live, and now Broadway — Colin Quinn remains a public figure, even though he is now more like your cranky grandpa than that hip guy with the girlfriend you fantasize about.

  • Henry Rollins: Live at Luna Park

    In the Spring of 1999, Henry Rollins was challenged to appear each Wednesday for eight weeks, and give a different spoken word performance each time. Joe Frietze gives us the rundown on this DVD chronicle.

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