• Editors


    Editors remind Orlando audiences that it was the UK that birthed their brand of darkly deep indie rock. Jen Cray couldn’t help but wonder if they were ripping off Joy Division, or Interpol’s interpretation of Joy Division.

  • Siberian


    With Me (Sonic Boom). Review by Linda Tate.

  • Grand National

    Grand National

    A Drink and a Quick Decision (Recall Records). Review by S D Green.

  • Hollywood’s White House

    After a century whose latter half was largely defined by its images, wish fulfillment and reflection each go into the filmed representations of our presidents, both fictitious and real. This book seeks to provide a thoughtful map to those representations; Ben Varkentine puts on his Indiana Jones hat.

  • Return To The West Wing

    In 2002 Ben Varkentine wrote a combined review of three books then recently published on The West Wing. Calling it a serious TV show, he called for serious books to look at it. A recent book answers that call, and a new script collection takes things right back down to the basics.

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