• Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

    Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

    The spirit of an ancient Egyptian woman deals with the rigors of modern Los Angeles as she works to avoid an ancient relationship.

  • Bad Idea

    Bad Idea

    Anxiety fraught sexual relations are not just the domain of heterosexuals; EVERY one can have bad dates and rejection.

  • Snow Angel: A Novel

    Snow Angel: A Novel

    Rhona Scoville heartily recommends Michael Graham’s wintery police procedural novel as a great way to pass the time during the holiday season. Eggnog and true crime, nothing could be finer.

  • Stephen Fretwell

    Stephen Fretwell

    Magpie (Fiction). Review by Sean Slone.

  • Rabbit Punches

    Rabbit Punches

    What’s that moving blur out there on the horizon? It’s Linda Tate chasing the arc of a short story collection that’s led her deep into a literary leftfield.

  • Creatures And Gizmos

    Digital media wizard Jason Nelson returns to his old Flash Fictions stomping grounds with tales of gas-guzzling dingoes, baggies full of holy water, and disappearing boxes.

  • The Cure

    Greatest Hits (Elektra/Fiction). Review by Daniel Mitchell.

  • How Only Mary Became Mary Only

    Who says in heaven there is no beer? James Mann reveals why the world will never end at the Star Bar, and how the wrong woman can become the right woman in the right circumstances.

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