• The 29th Florida Film Festival

    The 29th Florida Film Festival

    A stripped-down film festival dips a toe into the Brave New World of masks, distancing, and cinema.

  • Ramen Heads

    Ramen Heads

    An in-depth exploration of Japanese Ramen Noodle culture. Yum!

  • Bill Plympton

    Apparently, if you grow up in Portland, you wither become a serial killer or a cartoonist. Thankfully, Bill Plympton chose the latter. Carl F. Gauze took a moment out of the Florida Film Festival to catch up with the Oscar-nominated animator.

  • Florida Film Festival

    Steven Garnett brings you an overview of the recent Florida Film Festival, including reviews of Vitorrio De Sica’s The Gold of Naples (starring Sophia Loren), Ben Stiller’s Heat Vision and Jack (with Jack Black), Bradley Beesley’s Flaming Lips documentary, Flaming Lips Have Landed, and Michael Apted’s Me & Isaac Newton.

  • Florida Film Festival

    Screen Review by Steven Garnett

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