• In Perspective: Last Years of the Cat

    Did someone put a fatwah on Cat Stevens’ career? Hal Horowitz examines the nadir of the folkie-turned-Muslim’s pop music career, taking an in-depth look at Stevens’ recently-reissued last three albums, Numbers, IZITSO, and Down To Earth.

  • Rare Earth

    Best Of: The Millennium Collection (Motown/Universal). Review by Hal Horowitz.

  • Neil Young

    Landing On Water and Life (Geffen/Universal). Review by Hal Horowitz.

  • In Perspective: Shock-King!

    Sure, Marilyn Manson might think he’s shocking, but where would he be if Alice Ccooper hadn’t blazed the trail? With two amazing new reissues, the shock rock king is back in the spotlight in a big way. Hal Horowitz takes advantage of the opportunity to look back at the career of the man who’ll always be "Eighteen."

  • In Perspective: Lynyrd Skynyrd Flies Again

    "Play some Skynyrd!," you yell? OK, we’ll oblige. Hal Horowitz takes a look back at the career of the Southern rock icons through the eyes of the new rarities collection, Lynyrd Skynyrd Collectybles.

  • Elton John – One Night Only

    Ignoring the slightly misleading album title — these tracks were culled from…

  • Elton John – To Be Continued

    Out of print due to sticky label legalities for nine years, this relatively c…

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