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The Disco Exorcist

Screen Reviews

Outrageously over-the-top homage to ’70s grindhouse movies, Disco Exorcist is loaded with nudity, gore and disco.

Dolla Morte

Screen Reviews

A low budget rip on Team America that forgets to include the wry humor and clever social commentary of the original. Carl F Gauze is unamused.

Scream Dream

Screen Reviews

A 1989 VHS horror flick with big hair, big boobs and some decent late New Wave music. Al Pergande wonders if this is Elvira-fodder yet.

Lights, Camera, Dead

Screen Reviews

Obsessive indie film makers will stop at nothing to complete a low budget horror film before their cast quits or dies.

Christmas On Mars

Screen Reviews

Call me a dork if you must, but I can’t wait to ogle Wayne Coyne’s backyard space ship and get infected with the alien spirit of Christmas. Carl F Gauze considers Christmas on Mars required watching for the 12-sided dice crowd.

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