• Welcome to The Machine

    Welcome to The Machine

    An astonishingly cynical and realistic view of how (not) to make it in Rock and Roll. Told from a European perspective, in German, Mit Untertiteln.

  • Juliana Hatfield

    Juliana Hatfield

    How To Walk Away (Ye Olde Records). Review by Laura Pontillo.

  • Nada Surf

    Nada Surf

    Brittany Sturges joins hundreds of Philadelphians at the Trocadero, all champing at the bit to see Nada Surf. Who says there are no second acts in American life?

  • Dirt Bike Annie

    Dirt Bike Annie

    Show Us Your Demons (Dirtnap). Review by Nick Plante.

  • Ozma

    Rock and Roll Part Three (Kung Fu Records). Review by Daniel Mitchell.

  • The Rosenbergs

    The Rosenbergs seemed poised for all the perks life in the majors can offer. After being touted as the best unsigned bands in America, the majors were sniffing around, and the band was offered a chance to appear on USA Network’s Farmclub show. Then they made waves by rejecting the majors, exposing Farmclub’s shifty business practices, and entering into an unusual alliance with Napster. What almost got lost in the process is the fact that The Rosenbergs are a damn fine power pop band, which they’re proving with their new album, Mission: You. Sean Slone discusses the music and the industry with singer/songwriter David Fagin.

  • Nada Surf

    Blessings often arrive in strange disguises. Nada Surf’s The Proximity Eff…

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